I realized this morning that I still have a load of acorns in my stash. As I was going through them, I was being reminded of the great harvest we’ve had this past Fall. It was so unbelievably abundant! Then, I pulled some pictures from my file and remembered the first acorn delivery of the season.

It was a lovely afternoon and as I was strolling about my fern patch the scent of fresh acorns unexpectedly filled my nostrils. “Could it be?” – I thought to myself.
At fist I refused to believe it, but, after a while the scent was too overwhelming to ignore. I followed it and in a matter of seconds I found myself on a stone deck in front of a big wire basket with mother-load!
For a long while, I stood there hypnotized by the most delicious mountain of nuts I have ever seen. Instantly, I thought about ways to transport them all into my burrow. But, before I jumped into action, I took one acorn and went into the woodpile to enjoy my first treat of the season. I felt good. I knew I will be very busy for the months to come getting my pantry ready for the winter. It took my few months of hard work to fill it in. But now, I am so glad I did.

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