Foggy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

When I woke up this morning, it was foggy outside and all was covered with ice. The day did not seem like anything one could enjoy. Betsy, the Red-tailed Hawk who lives in the area was at her usual spot, perched on a branch of a dying elm tree. Her wings were droopy. She looked hungry, and her partner, Henry, was no where in sight.
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Great Blue Heron

Recently, my noeighbor alerted me to the fact that our good old friend was indeed back from Florida and that he is currently enjoying his summer stay in the Northeast at the nearby lake. It was a great news because for a while we thought that he did not make it back to our neck of the woods and that he chose to vacation elsewere Continue reading

Mother Goose

As every year this time, Canadian Geese returned to the nearby lake to raise their young and few days ago a young Mother Goose was spotted strolling with her gooslings. I always like to watch the little balls of yellow fluff as they follow their mother everywhere she goes. Continue reading

Rainy April Day

We’ve had quite a day today. The entire Northeast was drowning in the rain, and sadly my little corner was no exception. For a while we were expecting severe weather with high winds and all, but in the end none of it panned out….just the rain with big and heavy rain drops that kept crushing agains the stone deck, and banding still fragile blades of grass.
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