Tootsie Does it Again


I have written about it before, and I would rather refrain from doing it again. Mainly because I have only 4 fingers to work with (plus my long nails do not make it easy to type), and a lot of work to do each day, so in general I prefer not to repeat myself and waste time doing it. But, here I go – Tootsie does it again! Continue reading



Tootsie claims that the only reason she hops on her neighbor’s lap each summer evening is to see the sunset from a better, more satisfying vantage point. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it: we are, after all, only 5 (6 at the most) inches tall when standing on our hind legs and that has to be on tiptoes! Besides I do love watching the sunset over the Appalachian Trail as well. Continue reading