Daisy in the Morning

Daisy arrives at her breakfast spot very early each morning. It is during the time when the raising sun gently highlights the grass around her burrow making the little drops of dew shine like little diamonds.

Upon arrival, she likes to look around and stretch a little. Since her plate is placed high up, at the top of the staircase, she gets a great view of her private yard as well as the surrounding area. Aside from providing a great view, her vantage point is good for spotting potential intruders as well as unwelcomed dining companions. Often when hearing something suspicious, she will quickly run up the stairs and hop on the stone railing to see what’s going on. On occasion, she will sit there and watch passing cars, but this does not last long. She quickly helps herself to fresh grapes, seeds and nuts.
She often smiles when her cheeks are almost full. Sometimes, I share with her a seed or two in passing, while I am on my way to my morning spot. At times I even feel that her seeds are better than mine, so I take a little bit more…

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