Groundhog Day

A perfect Groundhog Day with sleet, snow and freezing rain. No?

Poor Phil. Knowing his habits, he was probably in the middle of a beauty nap when they came to get him. So insensitive. I do not know how he puts up with it. Year after year, after year. Today he looked particularly sleepy. Chuckles from Connecticut, on the other hand, seem invigorated by the banana chunk she was given shortly before the photo op. It was a nice gesture and I think she appreciated it. As for the Staten Island Chuck, all I can say is, I am sorry. As some of you might remember both, him and Mayor Bloomberg, got into a little tiff two years ago and ever since then their relationship has been a bit touchy. On one hand NYC Mayor should have known better not to disturb sleeping animal (Remember what happened to Martha? …and it was her own dog!). On the other, Chuck should have been alerted to the fact that he will be handled by the Mayor. Perhaps then he would not have jumped the gun as fast as he did. Oh well, it is all in the past…But, I imagine they both were not looking forward to today’s meeting. In fact, on all the pictures I saw, Chuck looked as apprehensive as Mayor Bloomberg. They do not have good chemistry on camera…someone should do something about it. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should have a little treat for Chuck next time they meet? Treats always work for us ground squirrels. Or, maybe they should give hedgehog a try?

Long story short, all the groundhogs I know concluded that Spring will arrive in about six weeks. I do wonder about that. I guess the time will tell…
And yes, it is me on the above picture enjoying Groundhog Day two years ago. The fun I had that day! Nobody was trying to yank my out of my burrow, and all was peaceful and quiet. Just the way I like it.

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  1. Great blog, I’m jealous of all the animals you have as friends! Can’t wait for spring. Thanks for letting us peak into your animal world.

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