This is how some of us look like in the morning… standing at the foot of a tree stump waiting for breakfast to be served.
I personally like to sit on top of the stump, this way the image of my wimpy little body effectively projects the need for urgent attention. Well, I do have that effect on people – they see my charming black eyes looking in and boom! – my breakfast is there in an instant. I do take water first, then a blueberry… and afterwards whatever else is on the menu.
Hazel, on the other hand, does it her own way. She shows up with her own snack and for half and our or so acts aloof and indifferent just munching away. She does not even jump on the stump. She sits at its foot projecting nothing but genuine cuteness, quiet disposition, and impeccable manners. She does it her way.

Hazel is a chipmunk with a fluffy tail and extremely curious nose. She lives under the smaller deck on the other side of the house. Her cheeks often get scratched while getting in and out of her burrow through the crack in the stones. It isn’t the most glamorous entrance, I do confess, but she does it so well by now and the bold patches on her face do not bother me as much anymore. I must mention here that her residence under the deck proves to be very controversial (in certain circles) for the stones on the top begin to shift every which way due to sprouting sunflower seeds. If anyone ever tells you that a chipmunk can move a stone or two, do not dispute it. IT IS POSSIBLE! With a good dose of persistence, a touch of ingenuity and few resources, it can be done in a month or two!
As I observe people around me, I often see that in their lives things always seem impossible until… well, until they are done! So now, I have a question for you: what would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?



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