Deep Under the Snow

I am quite certain that some of you will be surprised to learn that I am awake in the middle of the winter. Yes. I know. I should be sleeping, but how long can a decent chipmunk sleep since there is so much to do, so many things to see and talk about. So, there. I am up and writing this post from my cozy burrow, tucked under two feet of white and shiny snow.

Last year, I was out and about this time checking out all the places I like to hang out. But, now it is much too cold and windy to stick one’s nose out the hole. I am sure the view from there would be grand, but it is a real trip to get to the surface. First and foremost, I would have to get through two feet of snow and I do not like my fur to get wet and messy. It is bad for my stripes.
So, the only thing to do that I can think of is to chew on an almond or two, and read in front of the fireplace. My book of choice is “Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk” by David Sedaris. I found the title much intriguing and a bit baffling. We’ll see what this is all about…

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