More Snow?

Yesterday, I heard on the news that more snow was coming our way, and sure enough…here it is. Another layer of snow builds up on the ground as I type this message. Yes. We are up for quite a treat, yet again. I am beginning to wonder when will I be able to venture outside. How long till spring?! I want fresh grapes and my apple juice! Does anyone have an answer? Farmers’ Almanac? Phil? Dude, where are you? I need help!

I am a bit anxious. I do admit. I think I need to distract myself preferably with an almond, or two, and perhaps a movie. No. There is nothing on TV these days. I am getting tired of all the re-runs. I think that a wholesome craft project with Martha Stewart could do me good. How about Valentine’s Day card? Oh, the good things she has me make. I never get tired of her. I bet you an acorn she does not even know that a chipmunk can make a greeting card, much less bake a cookie or two…dozen, for that matter. I used her holiday cookie recipes to produce the most impressive batch of cookies to date. But, about this some other time. I must make a card now…I would love for Tootsie to get it on time : )!

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