About Walter

Walter is a lovable creature who lives in New England and who often muses over the views of the Appalachian Trail that stretch in front of the entrance to his burrow. He loves his back yard and respects all his neighbors, including the people who live right above him. He loves almonds, red cherries, grapes and apple juice.

He is a small, quick and agile Eastern chipmunk – a ground dwelling squirrel who spends most of the Winter in his burrow in a state of torpor while living off of the food meticulously gathered during the Fall months. Although his closest relatives live all the way in Asia, he does not live alone. The entire backyard is full of Eastern Chipmunks and other creatures who constantly keep him company.

His personality, as mentioned some time ago in New York Times, is “graceful without being vain, well dressed without being showy, friendly without being intrusive. [He is] fun-loving without being silly, wise without being assertive, cautious without being afraid – and all over the scene without being a bore.” His irresistible charm makes him an ideal neighbor and companion.

According to Native American folklore, he got his stripes when escaping from a bear whose long sharp claws left long scars on his back. He is very proud of his stripes.