I cannot begin to tell you how important a good night sleep is in chipmunk’s life. After a full day’s work digging, moving and storing, one must rest comfortably! Therefore, soft and cozy bedding has always been a high priority of mine.
So far, the weeping willow above my burrow has been generous in supplying me with the most exquisite bedding material that is there. Its leaves in combination with hay make the best bed. Or, so I thought…until I saw Tootsie gathering fern tips!

I always thought that such activities were frowned upon here, for people next door are very finicky about the vegetation that grows around the deck. They protect it and tend to it like it will never have a chance to grow again. Yet, it comes up each year…nearly identical.
Tootsie did not mind this attitude at all. Despite discouraging comments coming from within the house, she kept on going gathering the softest leaves she could put her little hands on. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was actually getting a pouch-full at a time of the softest fern blades for her new bed?! “How clever of her!” – I though, and tried some for myself…

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