Today is the kind of a day that turns my hairdo into a hair-don’t. My ears tend to get limp and heavy, and no matter how much I fluff my mane it goes down the minute I get outside.
Here, I must digress and say that my prom was a total disaster for this very reason, vanity-wise. Too wet and too humid. I looked like a mouse (sorry fellow rodents). Other that that, I had a blast. I danced away the whole night with a real cutie; a very fluffy one to say the least. Well… I might be a chipmunk, but ballroom dancing is something I am very familiar with… the balls of my feet are still hurting when I think about my prom.
In any event, I might need to stay in today… write a letter or two, assess my stash, and perhaps even dig a little. I always feel like I need more nuts and seeds and more space to store them. Am I a hoarder? …I DO NOT THINK SO!


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