My Yucca Plant and a Secret Stash

Few days ago, I noticed that somebody has been rummaging in my yucca plant pot. Normally, I would not be upset about it as much as I do respect a chipmunk’s need to toss about in fresh dirt once in a while, and especially the kind of dirt my yucca plant is growing in. But, this time it is a bit different. You see, on the beginning of the week I hid in there sizable stash of sunflower seeds. A snack, really. I do it occasionally, “planting” nuts and seeds here and there, so I could easily retrieve them in case of sudden urge to munch on something while I am out and about. Turns out one of my neighbors found out about it, and now (s)he is in wild pursuit of my goodies.
So, this morning I set myself up in a wood pile making sure I have a commanding view of the plant and its pot. I was determined to catch the trespasser red-handed. And after a short waiting period, broken by bouts of vigorous grooming, I could clearly see the intruder…

She arrived quietly, perky as always, and without any hesitation begun digging into my seeds. “Hazel!?” – I thought. So nice and charming, yet so deceitful.

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