Fancy Nancy

This afternoon I run into my old friend, Nancy. I bumped into her at the bottom of a small deck. Her cheeks were fully loaded and I could tell that she was a bit embarrassed. But, despite that she looked so lovely!

Turns out she has been renovating a little space under the deck. She says that it will be a nice place to escape summer heat. When I met her she was in the process of stocking the pantry, which is quite understandable. If she intends to stay there every now and then, the place has to have a small pantry. Although, in chipmunk’s mind “small” does not ever relate to a minuscule amount. Last year, she stashed so many seeds under this deck that when they started sprouting, after few massive downpours, their force lifted entire slob of stone close to three inches up. “I wonder what will happen this year,” I told her. But, she did not seem concern. She answered my questions with a smile and waved at me from her stone window.

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