Tootsie Does it Again


I have written about it before, and I would rather refrain from doing it again. Mainly because I have only 4 fingers to work with (plus my long nails do not make it easy to type), and a lot of work to do each day, so in general I prefer not to repeat myself and waste time doing it. But, here I go – Tootsie does it again!


It is really unfortunate that no one pays attention to her antics anymore. She gets away with everything! Evidently she continues to believe that it is very cool to sleep on a bed of ferns. I bet you that in her mind it is like having vintage-washed, 600-thread-count Italian cotton sheets from Restoration Hardware in your bed. Must be nice. But the ferns will not grow back and I do not think it matters all that much anyway because if you sleep in your fur you cannot really judge softness of your sheets, can you?!


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