A Great Day

Today is a great day! I woke up early, checked the news, had a pouch-full of seeds and a grape, and then went out to see what everybody else was up to…
After leaving my burrow, I discovered the world steeped in the warmth of the early July sun. The world around my home was peaceful. Bernie, the Bluebird, was already on his routine bug hunt. Christina, the Hummingbird was nearby as well waiting for her favorite drink to arrive. My closest neighbor, Nancy, was out and about as well, waiting for the apple juice to appear at the foot of her favorite woodpile. Then, there was a family of deer grazing in the nearby filed, a couple of wild turkeys strolling across the yard, and Betsy, the Red-tailed Hawk, who was perched on the highest branch of the ash tree. It was a great view to wake up to.

As I was taking all of that in, I was being reminded that beauty is often found in the most simple things. How lucky a chipmunk can be to wake up to a morning like this?!…and a chilled cherry with a few pecan nuts on a side!

Happy July 4th!

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