First weekend of July

Oh, it was a fabulous day!
Somewhat festive, but most of all it was a quiet and relaxing time. I got to snooze on my favorite tree stump, and most importantly finally smell my lilies.

Today was the day they finally blossomed. Last year I did not see them bloom because a family of deer helped themselves to the buds earlier in the season. This year, however, all the buds were saved…well, except for two, which I decided to nibble at over the course of few days. I never had them before and since they were within in my reach (and since deer ate them, the first place) I could not resist the temptation. Despite the warnings from the people next door I remained persistent until the two buds were completely gone. Although, I fear that the remaining stems could have given me away in the end. Nonetheless, I must shamelessly admit – the buds were delicious indeed. Oh, well…one cannot stop nature.

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