Early this morning I was finally able to catch up with some of my neighbors. Usually we are all very busy this time of the day and we do not have a chance to “get together” that often, but today was different.

For some time now I have not seen Nancy, nor Tootsie anywhere around. Most of the time one can spot a tail or two wheezing by in a hurry, but not lately. It has been very quiet under the bush and in the nearby shrubs and I was wondering why was that. So, today when I stumbled upon Nancy and her close neighbor Tootsie I found out that they both became mothers again, and that the past 3 weeks they simply cared for their newborns. Hence, the absence. They do not like to live their babies at first, but after the young ones grow up a little, a mother does take few short trips outside to stretch a little, perhaps even lounge for a while, check on new food delivery, get a drink of fresh water, only to return back home with a grape or two in tow, or in pouch – if you know what I mean.

While Tootsie (above) was a bit shy to talk about her new bundle, Nancy (below) was quote open and said that rearing for 5 little munchkins is not an easy task these days. Especially when the young ones start developing taste for luxury items like almonds, cherries, or pistachios.

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