Things are Looking Up

I’ve been very discouraged from getting out lately. Recent cold spell was not conducive to any outdoor activities whatsoever … even for a chipmunk like me (being outdoorsy and all). But, I stuck my nose out this morning only to be surprised to discover that things are actually looking very promising now.

I decided to venture out and take a look around. I had my breakfast on a deck. Nothing fancy. Just a hazelnut from last harvest and few grass leaves for digestion. I did some thinking and after my meal, I completely immersed myself into the beautiful view in front of me. The vast field stretched before me was peppered with delicate violet flowers and yellow dandelions. The field was weaved from dense, and incredibly green, blades of grass that mingled with clover most gracefully. Towering over the lawn were ever so fluffy and ethereal dandelion puffs. Some of them were gently swaying with the morning breeze. “Such view could only happen in May!” – I kept thinking to myself. The view was lovely and OH! so promising. It carried notion of the summer days to come. All the warm and steamy days when I will get to sleep in a wood pile and relax in a cool grass in front of my burrow. Days filled with numerous chases with my chipmunk neighbors, cherries, strawberries, pintloads of blueberries, and slightly chilled water…and the beauties from Georgia – buttery pecans!
I cannot wait…

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