Baby Birds

Today was my first encounter with baby birds. They were found on a top of freshly moved grass that grew tall at the edge of my backyard.

Their nest was torn apart by the weed cutter, so they could not be put back into their nest. They were picked up and placed temporally in a makeshift nest, made out of paper towels, on a back porch table.
I could not resist the opportunity to take a look at these little critters, so I climbed up the wooden table and took a peak. They were tiny and evidently very hungry, because they kept stretching their necks in hope that someone will feed them shortly.

In the end they were fed with some dried warms my neighbors use to feed the bluebirds that were soaked in water first. After this quick meal, the little bunch calmed down and dozed of. At the end of the day they were taken to the local Audubon Center where a skilled rescue team could take a proper care of them until they are able to fly.

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