Breakfast with Fred

Fred is a buddy of mine who often dines with me. He always has something interesting to say (well…he chirps all the time) and I have never found myself bored with his company. He often shows up early in the morning and shares with me a cup of seeds, a berry and a few sips of lightly chilled apple juice.
The other day, however, a strange thing happen to me. Upon arriving at my breakfast stomp I did not find my usual plate and drink arrangement. In fact, I did not find anything at all. I was stunned, I looked around, I took a peak in the window to see if somebody was witnessing my misery. I didn’t see anyone. I was stunned, and terrible hunger kicked in once I realized that the people next door overslept that morning. I had no food waiting for me! No seeds and berries! No juice to start my day with!

But, as I was standing there on a doormat rendered senseless by this unfortunate turn of events, I overheard Fred happily chirping away in a distance. I could not help but wonder what made him so cheerful that morning. I climbed up the weeping willow to see what he was up to.

From my new vantage point I saw Fred walking around and snacking on wholesome sunflower seeds that were spread across the yard. I could not believe my eyes! He had food! I was saved! Not only did I find my breakfast buddy, but also a new dining spot. It felt like discovering a basket of freshly picked acorns. Oh, it was lovely! Although, I do admit, I still prefer my stomp by the sliding door.
These people better be on schedule next time! How can one sleep past past 6 in the morning, anyway?…while little guys are getting hungry and weak.

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