Frogs Everywhere


I do not mind frogs all that much as long as they stay away from my yard.


They do tend to spook me beyond belief. First, I find their “ribbit” a bit unsettling even though I do like to listen to the late night concerts at a nearby lake. “Ribbit” when delivered en masse, in my opinion, is quite soothing on the contrary to a singular sound delivered by a lonely individual (most likely lost under my bush). Second, their appearance is not always, how shall I say it, elegant. I also happen to believe that frogs tend to be happier near ponds and such… and not near my burrow! They one I have to deal with now is quite grumpy and mad looking. Who wants to see this face each morning?! Just look at it…


Once, in my youth, I lost a whole load of wild raspberries only because a huge toad appeared on my path “ribbiting” like crazy. I was so traumatized that I did not even realize that my mouth was open causing all the berries to fall out of my pouches and tumble down the hill…

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