Morning Routine

Every morning upon waking up I like to go out and check what is going on at the deck. I usually sit down on my favorite wood pile, observe the surroundings and groom my luscious coat.

Usually, at this time of the day birds begin to perch on a feeder hanger, on the edge of the roof, and on tree branches in anticipation of impending breakfast. Some of them are singing, or preening their fathers, some are calling on their mates, and others surrender to persistent, noise producing pecking on a gutter. For the longest time I could not figure out this particular morning routine of our downy woodpecker, but as it turns out by doing so he is trying to attract a female. At the moment however, the only attention he is getting is from the people who live in the house. But, it is not entirely a bad thing. At least that is how I see it. His pecking usually helps with faster breakfast delivery!

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