Rainy April Day

We’ve had quite a day today. The entire Northeast was drowning in the rain, and sadly my little corner was no exception. For a while we were expecting severe weather with high winds and all, but in the end none of it panned out….just the rain with big and heavy rain drops that kept crushing agains the stone deck, and banding still fragile blades of grass.

While I sat in my wood pile I watched its silver strings fall hastily to the ground. I also kept a close eye on my seed dish in hope that no one will get to it. But, by the time I turned my head around all the birds from my neighborhood were right in it. Some arrived just to dry off. Earl, the Nuthatch in particular. He was completely drenched when he showed up.

Others came for a quick bite…The Finches…

The Cardinals…

And by the time the day was over the sun came out again, and I could resume my regular activities. I was happy that it stooped raining and that Earl could dry his soaking wet feathers before the nightfall. Maybe next time he should think of a rain coat. What do you say, Earl?

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