My Acorn Memories

It is still cold and breezy in my neck of the woods. I managed to go outside for a while, but it is not fun to sit on the stone with a cold breeze hitting your back. So instead of fighting the weather I decided to go through my pantry and assess my food stash.

Turns out, I have more acorns and hazelnuts that I know what to do with! Acorns, in particular, take a large part of my burrow. I am not even sure how it happen. Must have been one of my late fall impulses that made me carry home all the food I saw around me.
Oh, the fall months! With their balmy winds, warm scent of ripe apples, dappled sunlight, changing leaves, and beautiful acorns – delivered fresh, daily, in a wire basket…along with chilled apple juice.
My acorn memories never fail to amuse me. Did I mention that I love fall?

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