I had a lazy Sunday, which is quite rare for a chipmunk, I do realize. But, today I simply did not feel like doing anything. Does it ever happen to you? Besides, I think that am still in my slow, winter mode. The snow is still on the ground, it is cold and windy. So, I decided to spend the day in my burrow reminiscing past months. Fall months, in particular.

We had such a great season! I remember exactly the day when the rumor about the first shipment of acorns filled the nearby woods. Everybody was talking about it. We could smell them in the air. We were all on the lookout checking frantically all the nooks and crannies. I personally went into great lengths to check every known to me storage space.

But, when they finally arrived it felt like Christmas time! They were true beauties! Fresh and still tender…

I remember the first pouch-full I carried home. I never felt so much alive! Fall is my favorite time of the year.

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