Foggy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

When I woke up this morning, it was foggy outside and all was covered with ice. The day did not seem like anything one could enjoy. Betsy, the Red-tailed Hawk who lives in the area was at her usual spot, perched on a branch of a dying elm tree. Her wings were droopy. She looked hungry, and her partner, Henry, was no where in sight.
All the little birds did not seem happy to be outside either. And what made the matters worst, was the absence of their feeder in its usual place. So in a common fashion, I do it all the time when my food does not wait for me in the morning, they were anxiously looking in a window in hope that someone will see their misery and throw few seeds at once.

There was a House Finch…

…a Black-capped Chickadee, of course…

…as well as Red-bellied Woodpecker and his smaller cousin, Downy. Luckily for them, their usual suet treat was hanging right outside the window.

Later the day, though, things changed for the best. The sun replaced the fog, and cold breeze gave way to a mild southerly wind. The birds were fed and Tootsie made her first appearance of the new season. Her head was barely above the snow, while her entire body was in the tunnel to her burrow. She was intently scanning the area around her for about half an hour, only to disappear under the snow shortly after. I cannot wait to see her again!

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