Foggy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

When I woke up this morning, it was foggy outside and all was covered with ice. The day did not seem like anything one could enjoy. Betsy, the Red-tailed Hawk who lives in the area was at her usual spot, perched on a branch of a dying elm tree. Her wings were droopy. She looked hungry, and her partner, Henry, was no where in sight.
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A New Year

Here is to a great New Year! May it filled with new adventures, discoveries and abundance of berries and nuts (preferably almonds).
May it be kind to all the chipmunks I know!

Happy New Year everybody!

More Snow?

Yesterday, I heard on the news that more snow was coming our way, and sure enough…here it is. Another layer of snow builds up on the ground as I type this message. Yes. We are up for quite a treat, yet again. I am beginning to wonder when will I be able to venture outside. How long till spring?! I want fresh grapes and my apple juice! Does anyone have an answer? Farmers’ Almanac? Phil? Dude, where are you? I need help!
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