Cold Winter Day

Another cold day. I managed to get some sleep again. It felt good, but after a while it got to me. I woke up, wondered about, picked up Sedaris’ book again and continued reading. I always appreciated his sense humor, but I am afraid that this time he took it a tad too far. I mean, how could a chipmunk date a squirrel?

Let’s think about it for a second. On one hand, they are somewhat cute and even funny; especially when they are trying to get into bird feeders. They have a very good memory and some do credit them with incredible smarts. The same could be said about chipmunks. Only that we are a bit cuter, much smarter and much more cleaner. Yes, we are much more neat than the squirrels. They are one messy bunch. For example, I would never go out to pick up my grapes and sunflower seeds knowing that the squirrel was there before me. The mess they leave behind. The shells from the seeds are everywhere, half eaten grapes are tossed about and mixed with them. It is a mayhem I refuse to even think about. Their lack of manners and sloppiness rubs me the wrong way and I cannot simply imagine how one could socialize with this wild bunch, much less date one of them. Now, maybe that is what they do in the woods, but here in the backyard such activities are frowned upon. Also, I suspect that if this was indeed the case, someone would have chirped about it by now. I do know, however, that a self-respected chipmunk would have never conceived and idea of such an affair. I mean, their tail is twice the size of chipmunk’s body and this is only an appendage! This alone is quite unsettling.

Oh, well. Maybe I should read “Holidays on Ice” again. The first time I read it, I laughed so hard that I fell off the log. It was a great read. I could use some laugh today. Do they have it in audio. I would love for David to read it to me. Look, I am smiling already.
Did I mention that it is cold and white outside?

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