My Sunflower

Some time ago I was told that I could be quite a good farmer. While I knew I would have a hard time raising cattle, I knew that I could always plant a tree, or two…or perhaps even a sunflower. I grew few of them last year, and this year will probably be no different. Partially because my growing efforts are being supported by my closest neighbors.
This year, people next door helped me secure my unusually tall for this time of the year sunflower plant with a sturdy wooden stake, which should keep it from breaking. Every morning I check on it and look for buds. I cannot wait to see it bloom. I am anxious to collect its seeds!

While I watch my plant, another neighbor of mine, Eastern Phoebe, uses the top of the stake as her launching pad and a rest stop between the feedings of her young.

She can also easily watch her nest from there.

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