Newton turned out to be quite a nice fellow. Once I clamed down from the anxiety over “the new roommate scenario,” I was actually able to appreciate his company. It gets a bit lonely down here after a while, and this winter especially has made me long for company.

Newton told me that he was with me since the very beginning of the winter season. Evidently he got trapped in one of my tunnels just before I sealed everything for the winter, and since I conked out quite early this season, I simply had no way of discovering his presence.
In any event, during the past few days I have learned a great deal about his life, his childhood as a caterpillar and the very tumultuous time as a teenager. I suppose everybody’ teenage years are quite stressful, but I can bet you a bushel of acorns that you did not go through a transformation as massive as Newton’s. Once he was done with it, he did not recognize himself in the mirror. In fact, the event was so traumatic that even now, being a middle aged moth, he still gets emotional when talking about it. Only imagine to wake up one morning and discover that you look like one of the models from last year’s calendar. What do you do next? Well, in Newton’s case, he took his newfound beauty and for a short while he worked as a model posing for fashion magazines and related periodicals. Later on, however, he decided that life in front of the camera is not quite as glamorous as one might think, and decided to pursue a career as a photographer. “In the end of the day you end up pinned to the wall looking pretty, this way or the other,“ he said, while pulling few “specimens” from his suitcase, “but as a photographer you can be in charge of your vision and you can tell so many stories that way.”
Indeed his portfolio was very impressive. While looking at it, though, I discovered that he has a penchant for all things wool. Instantly, I was thankful for my modest fur wardrobe.

But, now Newton is a nature photographer. He loves nature and he is proud to be a part of it. He said that as soon as the weather improves he will embark on a new assignment. He wants to get together with a middle class mosquito family in order to document their life. He said that he was always fascinated by their lifestyle. All I could think of was that this new gig could turn out really bloody, really fast.
While we were talking, Newton took few pictures of me. I must shamelessly admit that suddenly I found myself quite photogenic. Maybe I could be a hand model? Hands would be good. This way, I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my privacy. I will talk to him about it tomorrow.

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