Mr. Moth

After all the chocolate melting, mixing and truffle ball rolling I decided to take a long snooze, and if it was not for the buzzing noise that suddenly filled my bedroom, I would have been probably still sleeping. At first I thought that it forgot to turn off my iPod. After all, I haven’t had it for that long and I am still in the process of getting use to it.

What I love about this tool already is the big screen effect I accidentally achieved without going through the expense of getting one. Furthermore, had I actually gotten a big screen TV I would have been forced to watch it from several yards away, which would prove to complicated to even discuss. But, going back to the buzzing.
It kept going on and off to the point that I grew really annoyed. I got up, walked around…and it was not until I got to the kitchen when I discovered the very source of the noise. Here it was, sitting at my kitchen table, a rather unassuming moth who clearly made himself at home. He was sipping on a cup of green tea while leafing through my J.Crew catalog drooling over a green wool sweater, which caused him to buzz a little from time to time. He couldn’t contain the overwhelming longing for a good quality merino wool.
I was speechless for I realized right there that, whether I wanted it or not, I have found myself with a roommate. His name was Newton…

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