Siberian Chipmunk

I have to confess that I have a habit of browsing YouTube in search for some good chipmunk reality videos. They are, more often than not, quite amusing and in the winter time they tend to soothe my longing for chipmunk company, a good chase and a chirping concert.

So, the other day in my usual fashion I directed my browser toward YouTube in hope of discovering something new. This time, however, I was left not only amused but also gobsmacked. I saw the above video and I could not stop watching it! This Siberian chipmunk captured all my attention. This was it! Despite the fact that his activities were much to familiar to me I could not take my eyes of off him. Would you believe it!? A chipmunk watching another chipmunk groom himself in usual chipmunk fashion? And for the life of mine I do not know if it was the HD technology, or his fur was indeed as fluffy as I saw it to be, but instantly I was overwhelmed with envy. I was jealous of all that he’s got…without truly realizing that I had it all too, and perhaps even more. The new media that are suddenly at our disposal are great, but they make us think funny things at times. I better go back to my books.

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